Blog Inspiration – Ten Things to Blog About

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What to blog about if you’re not sure where to start? Everyone has been there. These 10 blog ideas will help you come up with your next post. You can get the best guide on

1. Yourself. What’s going on in your life or business? Have someone do an interview.

2. What inspires you? What inspired you to create your blog? Did you share this with your readers, or not? If you tell them why, it will help them to feel a connection with what you are doing. Also, you could share an inspirational quote or YouTube clip with a few thoughts as to how it influenced you.

3. Your favorite blog posts. How long has your blog existed? What are the top five blog posts you like, or your most-read blog posts? Then summarize the five best posts into one blog post. Review and summarize your five favorite blog posts if you haven’t got enough to fill a whole post. You can do this especially well by choosing a central topic and featuring posts related to that theme.

4. Do a step-by-step post. How can you best help your reader? You can create a detailed post that explains each step of the completion process. You can include photos or create a video for each step if it is appropriate.

5. Create a list of resources. How many of your favorite (fill in blank) are on the list? People love resource lists!

6. How to resolve a problem. How did you solve a problem recently? Have you found the ideal blog plugin or social networking tool? Or perhaps the knitting needles, baby carriers, chore charts …?? You can share your findings with other readers.

7. Current events. Write about something you read in the newspaper and let others know what you think. You can find interesting news on Stuff To Tweet or your favorite website.

What book or film would you like to review? What are you reading? Is there anything that your blog readers might be interested or enjoy reading about? You could do a review of a recent movie.

9. Take on a buddy. You may have a friend that blogs, or who sells products online. You can feature them in your blog. The other party may reciprocate and drive more traffic to your blog.

10. Share the blogs you love. Create a list with your top 3 blogs that you must read and then share the links to them along with what you have learned or why you enjoy reading them.

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