Essential Puppy Supplies for Dog Care and Training

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It is time to go shopping for puppy supplies.

While a visit to a pet emporium may be overwhelming with options, you will still need the essentials, like a crate. You should consider a wire cage with an adjustable divider to allow your dog to grow. The crate will need bedding. But don’t spend too much on the bed, as a puppy with teething problems could destroy it. You might also need a baby gate. If you are looking for an amazing puppy with a verified breeder you can look it up on Mini Goldendoodles. 

You should get separate water and food bowls, as food can easily stain the water in a pair of bowls. Ceramic and stainless steel are better than plastic. They can also cause allergic reactions if chewed. A hard rubber toy can be used to help your puppy adjust to his/her crate. Puppies must learn to chew. Rubber bones or nylon are the best commercial chewies. These are better choices than raw hides that can be chewed and swallowed, leading to possible choking or impaction.

Avoid toys that can be eaten or decimated until you have a better idea of your dog’s chewing style. A collar that is adjustable can be adjusted to fit her growing needs. Avoid nylon collars that have sharp edges and are too short for your furry friend. Instead, opt for cotton webbing or leather. A lightweight 6 foot leash will be needed. Leather or cotton are easier to handle.

Buy a good dog brush and a nail clipper if you want to teach your puppy how to groom himself/her. Buy a puppy toothbrush and toothpaste if you plan to brush her/him’s teeth. You can also decide what food she will enjoy and purchase treats and food. Make sure to stock up on paper towels, pet strain cleaning supplies, and other essentials.

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