Living in Cognitive Dissonance

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Why Many People Use The Wrong Bus To Get To The Wrong Job On The Wrong Date

Motivate your people! Many a frustrated manager will crow this as their battle cry. It has been the battle cry of many frustrated managers. In order to know yourself better and own yourself better, you need to know about 333 meaning in law of attraction

Motivation Is Similar to Coffee. Once the music has ended, the last lunch buffet sandwich is packed and ready for home consumption. A hollow feeling sets in… it’s Monday! It’s time to head back to the office with the same problems. There is a solution. More coffee. End users of coffee end up outsourcing their attention and state of focus to coffee conglomerates. Managers often “outsource” their motivational state to expensive motivation specialists.

Save your money and achieve real results. Why is it so hard for people to be motivated? It is very simple, most people live with cognitive dissonance. Here’s a quick test: Get your group together and ask them: ‘What was you dream job as a child? Each member of the team should be questioned. You’ll be amazed at how many potential pilots, doctors or artists are in your team. Only a few of the members of your group will actually have researched the topic of choice and landed the job in their dream career. These people are, unsurprisingly, the most accomplished and self-motivated team members. They live a life in harmony with their aspirations and visions. You have to wonder what you will do about all those accountants that wanted to be artists or salesmen who had dreams of being pilots.

Give Them Back Their Lives and Create Energy Powerhouses

Step 1 – Help your people overcome cognitive dissonance. Help them understand why/how they failed to follow their dreams. Unsurprisingly, many people’s childhood goals were disregarded by their parents. They wanted to provide good guidance for their children. It is a fact that many children receive this guidance far too early in their lives. This makes it difficult for them to pursue different life-dreams until they settle on one purpose that truly excites them and drives them to dedicate their lives to that goal. I still remember my father watching over my siblings and me as we were growing up. He was always concerned about our teenage dreams and would interpret doom and perdition into our plans. He held regular ‘career interviews’ with us to determine what we were interested in. My dream was to be an archaeologist. But he quickly disowned it out of love. He feared I would go into a non-sustainable career. He helped me become an engineer. It was also his dream. He was an accomplished engineer with 3 Masters degrees, and a PhD. After I forced myself to study engineering, my Masters degree was awarded and I have never touched it again. This is because I realized that I was perhaps the worst certified engineer to ever walk the earth’s tributaries.

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