Plastic Surgeons: America’s Best Plastic Surgeons

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However, most plastic surgeons have a very similar training, including an internship and residency. Some even include a “fellowship” for more intensive training.

Find top plastic surgeons with special interest/expertise

Master cosmetic surgeons can be referred to as being experts at certain surgical or medical procedures. The reality is, all plastic surgeons can perform many cosmetic surgery procedures. But, there are no experts in the field who will be able to master each condition and procedure. In order to locate the best surgeons, you should look at their areas of specialization and/or expertise.

Plastic surgeons regularly practice and are proficient in specific surgical techniques within their area of specialty. One way to find top-tier plastic surgeons, is by finding those who get referred the most and practice certain surgical procedures the majority of the times.

Finally, all surgeons have a specialty or area of specialization. In order to select the very best surgeons, one should also consider their particular areas of knowledge or specialties. Plastic surgeons tend to be specialists in one type of procedure, usually seven.

Top Plastic Surgeons Voting Process

In order to find top cosmetic surgeons you will need to search through databases of doctors with credentials. More than ever, people are turning to innovative techniques in order find plastic surgeons who specialize or have expertise/special interests in particular surgical procedures.

Board Certified Plastic Surgeons (only). These doctors are randomly chosen using our comprehensive doctor information database and proprietary system.

Step two: The software or proprietary system asks selected surgeons to fax or email them, “If a member of your family needed medical attention, which one would you recommend?”

Step Three: E-mails and Faxes include a password & user name that allow doctors login to the data base. Doctors complete the form. Nominate a colleague and submit.

Step four: Receives data on doctor nominations. Reviews data. Prepares next phase.

Step 6: The surgeons that have been repeatedly selected by other doctors are checked to ensure they are properly licensed and if there are any malpractice or disciplinary judgments. This is done using the 13 credential databases, which are owned and leased, in order to verify their complete licenses across all of America and provide relevant credentials.

Step 6.The researchers refine the field of candidates for plastic surgeons. They also verify credentials.

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