Prescription Drug Rehab

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Prescription Drug Addiction is defined as the use of mood altering Prescription Drugs without a physician’s authorization. People who become addicted to these drugs, which are readily available by prescription, abuse them even after they have been treated women’s residential treatment in Utah.

Addiction manifests as a persistent physical desire for medicines, and also withdrawal symptoms when the drugs aren’t used. When this happens, people will try to acquire these drugs by any legal means or illicit ones. It is just as dangerous as the illegal drugs and alcohol. Under the supervision of a doctor or Rehab center, it should be handled with care.

For you to be free of Prescription Drug dependency, treatment, counselling and Rehabilitation are required. Rehabs are the best places to refer patients who have drug or alcohol abuse. They will get a full treatment as well as counseling to help them recover.

Both prescription and street drugs are equally potent. As prescriptions, they are initially prescribed to treat genuine sleep or pain complaints. However, over time the drugs become highly addictive. Prescription Drugs are abused in three major categories: Opioids, CNS Depressants and Stimulants.

They are often prescribed as narcotic pain relievers like Morphine, Codeine and others. These drugs can be used to treat everything from surgical pains to disorders of the cough. This drug attaches its self to opioid receptors in the brain and blocks pain messages. It is easy to become addicted after taking a prescribed dosage. This can lead to illegal and legal activities in order for you obtain this drug.

To treat anxiety or sleep problems, CNS (central nervous system depressants) are often used. The drugs are designed to reduce brain activity. Barbiturates and Benzodiazepines, including Valium and Pro Som (both CNS drugs), are two examples. The continued use of these medications can cause withdrawal symptoms and physical dependency. Stopping CNS-depressants will cause the brain to race out of hand or have seizures. Alcohol and these drugs together can be fatal.

Stimulants boost brain activity. Ritalin, Dexedrine and other stimulants like them increase the levels of dopamine-stimulating chemicals in the brain. Paranoia can result from short-term use. The drug may cause high temperature or irregular heartbeat. The condition can lead to fatal cardiac failure or seizures.

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