Wedding Flower Bouquets: Learn about their different sizes, shapes and styles

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It will complement every color of dress as well set the mood for joy. The color palette is endless and there are hundreds of different hues. You can create a beautiful bouquet in different styles and dimensions. Your bouquet’s size will affect your unique ceremony look depending on whether you have a formal wedding, if your gown is patterned, or if your colors are bold. Knowing how to choose your flowers can make a memorable impression with your guests. You can ensure that no matter what kind of blooms you choose for your bouquet, your wedding flowers are sure to enhance the beauty and elegance of your wedding day. You can learn about wedding Rose Bouquets by reading on.

Hand-Tied Bouquets
These bouquets will look great at outdoor summer weddings held in a park or beach. They are tied, most often using a bow or fancy ribbon. These bouquets of flowers are perfect for formal and informal settings. If you want to make your bouquet look more sophisticated, add textured flower such as roses. For a personalized hand-tied arrangement, consider using an object that has meaning, such as your mom’s old bridal gown, for example. They are both beautiful and classic.

Cascade Bouquets
Cascades wedding bouquets are created to mimic a “waterfall” effect. While these bouquets can be stunning to see, they usually compliment taller brides in dresses with simpler designs. Due to the larger bouquet, it is essential that the colors and sizes of the bouquet are balanced with your dress. These bouquets typically contain long-flowing greenery, callas lilies, orchis and other flowers. This soft, green background is a perfect backdrop for other brighter colors. This cascade can make an impressive bouquet all on its own.

They are very popular for flower girls, bridesmaids. The smallest flowers are perfect for creating cute bouquets. Baby’s breath, spray roses or lily-of the-valley will all make great choices. As an alternative to the traditional posy, you can use two larger flowers that will complement your chosen color scheme. When arranged, these flowers will make an impressive statement for your ceremony. This type of bouquet works well for both children and adults. You can also use hyacinths or multicolored flowers.

This elegant modern style is perfect for any wedding. These bouquets usually feature long-stemmed plants such as orchis, roses and callas. Because of the sturdy stems, these flower buds make the perfect guarantee. These flowers can also be stylishly wrapped in ribbon. The over the arm bouquet complements figure fitting gowns perfectly. Holding the flowers during long photo sessions can lead to them becoming heavy. In this case, select lighter flower types.

Flower Bouquet, Round
As bridal flowers, round flower bouquets tend to be the most prevalent. Though similar in appearance to posy styles, round flower bouquets tend to be larger. They also contain many different flowers. It is crucial to use complementary and contrasting colors for your bouquets to achieve the greatest visual impact. A bouquet made of round flowers is a great addition to any wedding. Your bouquet can be enhanced with sweet smelling roses. With the right combination of flower color, texture, and size you’ll have the best bridal flower bouquet ever!

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